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Jack's Trash Can!

Est. 2016

Jack's Trash Can is here on this small corner of the internet for no other reason then to just waste the most precious commodity of life, time.

It's worth noting that Jack's Trash Can was the result of some obnoxious middle schooler who has a dry sense of humor who then wanted to learn HTML.

In short, Jack's Trash Can has pictures made from his equally boring friend, it has terrible jokes scattered around and some other stuff that no one will ever care about, ever. Like Jack's JavaScript experiments, like anyone will ever care that he learned loops. '

"there is no santa clause"

"there are no razors in your candy, but theres a pretty giant chance that they've all been laced with ebola"

Heres a fun life hack! If you hold your breath long enough, youll instantly go to sleep! My uncle did this, he still hasnt woke up!

The Logo Tree. It symbolizes the progress for the logo of this website.


Prior to viewing this website, the following side effects might include:

So, what have I learned from the square project? Well I learned that animating with CSS is stupid. Why? Just look at horribly it cycles colors. It's supposed to cycle the colors R,O,Y,G,B,I,V. Next time I want to make a fun animation, I'll just code in a gif instead.