Colt M1911

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Colt M1911 was one of the most versatile side arm in many wars (especially WWII). The Colt M1911’s success can be easily proved by the sheer number of them produced, and by the fact that the Colt is widely used today for security, and sporting. Designed by famous gunsmith, John Browning, designed the gun after his model he made back in 1900. When it came time for the Colt to be used, it was a very simplistic and easy to use but still very deadly, as the semi-automatic feature allowed the user to fire as fast as he could pull the trigger. The Colt’s legacy lives on as one of the most used sidearms to-date, being seen today in places like Afghanistan and the middle east.

Stats for gun-nuts

Full length: 210mm
Barrel length: 127mm
Weight (dry): 2.51 lbs

Muzzle Velociy: 830 ft/sec
Typical Range: 82 feet