M4 Sherman

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The U.S. designed the M4 Sherman with the idea of an inexpensive tank that could be produced in large quantities and very quickly too. As many sources will tell you that the M4 Sherman’s success mostly comes from the large number of them produced. The M4 Sherman wasn’t even that good when comparing it to some competitors like Germany. What it lacked in was power and resilience, its main gun wasn’t something to get excited over as it was pretty weak, and the armor wasn’t too good either. What the M4 Sherman did have however was speed. Over the course of its production, 50,000 tanks were produced. The M4 Sherman was used in 1942-1955.

Stats for gun-nuts

Operator: America
Crew: 5
Length: 19.16 ft
Width: 8.60 ft
Height: 8.99 ft
Weight: 31 tons

Engine: 1 x Continental R975 C1 9-cylinder gasoline-fueled engine developing 400 horsepower at 2,400rpm.
Speed: 24 mph
Range: 120 miles