M1 Light Tank

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The M1 Light Tank was more or less the inception of America’s tank industry. This tank’s armament was less than advanced as it didn’t even have a cannon turret. A result of this, it wasn’t in service for very long as America and other countries were quickly replacing their older tanks with tanks that had cannons. This tank was actually so small it earned the name “Combat Car”. This tank did fight in the Philippines through 1941-1942, by the Philippines. Eventually, this tank was replaced by the Light Tank M1A2.

Stats for gun-nuts

Operator: America
Crew: 4

Length: 13.58 ft
Width: 7.87 ft
Weight: 18,794 lbs

Engine: 1 x Continental R670 7-cylinder air-cooled radial gasoline-fueled engine developing 250 horsepower.
Speed: 45 mph
Range: 100 miles