KV-8 Flamethrower Tank

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The Soviets managed to turn one of their existing tanks into a tank that shoots flames. The tank was based off their K-1 Heavy Tank but it had a flamethrower. The original K-1 Heavy Tanks design was really cramped, and the Russians managed to make that worse but fitting the flamethrower on the tank, so they did have to compromise the large 76.2mm for a smaller 45mm turret. However, the Russians tried to fool the Germans into thinking that the KV-8 was actually a KV-1 by attaching a fake 76.2mm barrel on top of the smaller 45mm turret, this way the Germans would assume that the KV-8 was actually a KV-1. The KV-8 did branch off into other versions until they weren't needed again for service.

Specs for gun-nuts

Operator: Russia
Crew: 5

Length: 22.28 ft
Width: 10.89 ft
Height: 11.98 ft
Weight: 104,598 lbs

Engines: 1 x V-2K V12 diesel-fueled engine developing 600 horsepower
Speed: 22 mph
Range: 99 miles: