Heinkel He 111 Bomber

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The Heinkel He 111 Bomber served Germany throughout the entire war, it even served other countries all the way up to 1975. This bomber saw wide success in the very early years of the war. However, when Germany invaded Britain, the story was a lot different. Britain had fast fighters capable of whizzing around bombers, easily avoiding the turrets on the bombers. Britain also had lots of AA guns which had a fair share of the amount of bombers shot down. This and a few other reasons is why Germany suffered a huge defeat against Britain.

Stats for gun-nuts

Operator: Germany
Number Produced: 7,300
Crew: 5

Length: 53.81 ft
Width: 74.15 ft
Height: 11.15 ft
Weight (empty): 19,136 lbs

Engine: 2 x Junkers Jumo 211F inverted V-12 piston engines developing 1,350 horsepower each.
Speed: 271 mph
Max Height: 21,982