The HIJMS RO-100

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The HIJMS RO-100 (Kaisho / Type KS) Short-Range Coastal Submarine was a Japanese submarine, which was called the Kaisho for short. With a depth limit of only 245 feet, it only carried 8 torpedoes. When the Japanese empire grew, the need for this submarine grew, eventually placing it up against armoured targets it was never meant to go against, including the US destroyers in the Pacific. Amazingly none of the Kaisho survived the war, unlike most weapons used in the war. This class was responsible for sinking a total of 35,200 tons of allied cargo.

Stats for gun-nuts

Operator: Japan
Crew: 38

Length: 199.9 ft
Beam: 20 ft
Draught: 11.5 ft

Engine: 2 x surface diesel engines developing 1,100 horsepower (surface) with 2 x electric motors generating 760 horsepower (submerged) driving 2 x shafts.
Speed (Surface): 16 mph
Speed (Submerged): 8 mph
Range: 4,040 miles