The KMS Deutschland

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The KMS Deutschland was a battleship used by the German forces, Hitler eventually renamed the ship into the KMS Lutzow due to Hitler thinking the “loss” of a ship with such a grand name would lower the citizens and soldiers moral. After the war the Soviet Union rose the Lutzow from it's grave in the water, just to use it for what is essentially target practice. From that action, it finally sank, after many revivals during the war in the Baltic Sea. It could have been made better, although due to the Treaty of Versailles, it was limited to it's potential.

Stats for gun-nuts

Operator: Germany
Crew: 1,150

Length: 185.93 ft
Beam: 21.34 ft
Draught: 5.75 ft

Engine: 8 x MAN Diesel 9-cylinder engines delivering 56,000shp to 2 x shafts.
Speed: 32 mph
Range: 10, 252 miles