KMS Admiral Hipper

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The KMS Admiral Hipper was a German Heavy Cruiser. The Hipper was large but to keep her fast she had 8-inch guns as her main battery. Her range was reduced to 6,000 miles due to propulsion problems. During Operation Weserubung, the Hipper was assigned to look for enemy convoys, finding the G-class British Gloworm. Greatly outclassed with only 4.7inch guns, the Glowworms officer decided to engage ultimately losing the battle. After being attacked by bombing, the Hipper relocated, and was officially scuttled by the British.

Stats for gun-nuts

Operator: Germany
Crew: 1,600

Length: 639.8 ft
Beam: 69.1 ft
Draught: 25.2 ft

Engine: 3 x steam turbines delivering 136,000 shaft horsepower.
Speed: 37 mph
Range: 7,456 miles