Type 10 50mm Grenade Discharger

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The Type 10 wasn’t more than a light mortar that could launch Type 91 grenades. The range was very limited, only firing about 213 ft. Normally, the projectile of the Type 10 was the High Explosive Type 91. The main operator, Japan mainly used the weapon in WWII. The crew could fire 25 rounds per minute at war, that being said the more of these there were, the more of these, the more death by explosion. These were also known as “Knee mortars” due to the fact that they were used by firing by the thigh. Eventually, the introduction of the Type 89 made the Type 10 a bit obsolete, but it was still in service.

Stats for gun-nuts

Full Length: 525 mm
Barrel Length: 240 mm
Weight (dry): 5.73 lbs

Range: 213 ft