The Flammenwerfer 35

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The Flammenwerfer 35 was basically a redesigned version of Germany’s earlier flamethrower made in WWI. The Germans were a first in the world of flamethrowers, they used their against primarily the French. The Flammenwerfer 35’s only improvements were just higher portability, higher range and higher lethality. The idea of a going out on the battlefield wasn’t all that bad, as a matter of fact, the Flammenwerfer actually was pretty effective in the European Theater, both physically damaging and physiologically damaging. While not quite as effective as the American’s M1A1 Flamethrower, it did a good job at melting people alive and scaring them away, plus the German's weren’t really using the Flammenwerfer 35's where the Americans were, so the Flammenwerfer achieved dominance easily.

Stats for gun-nuts

Weight (dry): 78.93 lbs

Range: 88ft