"Little David" Heavy Siege Mortar

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The Little David Heavy Siege was mainly used to combat the Japanese, since the U.S.A. was expecting fortified land defenses for the invasion. Weighing in at around 45 tons, it was a seven-man operation to operate. It could hurl explosives weighing at 3650 pounds, six miles. This huge mortar could be built and ready for battle in 12 hours, where at the time the largest (820MM) German artillery weapons that were known took 25 train cars, 3 weeks to make, and a 200 crew. This goes to show how much better the Little David is than some other kinds of artillery. You can even see one of the last ones in Aberdeen, Maryland, U.S.A.

Stats for gun-nuts

Length: 27.99 ft
Weight: 89,596 lbs

Range: 6 miles