The Land Matress

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Land Mattress, funny as that name may be, was a British rocket projector. The full name was the, “Projector, Rocket 3-inch, No. 8 MK 1“ the way the Land mattress got it's name was the fact that it was essentially the naval weapon known as the Sea Mattress. Weighing in at a seemingly small for a giant gun, 1 ton. This only needed a 3-man crew to operate. With ammo weighing 60 pounds, called the RP-K3, (Projectile Rocket 3-inch) or since it weighed 60 pounds some called it the “60lb”. With some of the other artillery weapons firing one, it was hard to hit your target. That is where this came in sending bunches of rockets at a target.

Stats for gun-nuts

Weight: 2,469 lbs

Number Produced: 400
Operator(s): Canada and The UK