Type 1 47mm Anti-Tank Gun

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Operated by Japan, the Type 1 47mm Anti-Tank Gun, is as the name so obviously implies, it was used to stop tanks. Probably the best part of this gun was that it stopped tanks well, until America started creating different types of tanks resistant of the Type 1 47mm Anti-Tank Gun. Similar to the Land Mattress, this weighed one ton and needed a 3-man crew. It could fire two types of ammunition, the Type 1 APHE and the Type 1 HE shells. AP standing for Armour Piercing, was used for the tanks before the extra defenses. It could shoot projectiles around 7546 yards.

Stats for gun-nuts

Weight: 1,764 lbs
Range: 4 miles

Operator(s): Japan
Number Produced: ~2,300