2cm Flak 30

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The Flak was given its name by its full name, the Fliegerabwehrkanone which, when translated to English is “Airplane Cannon”, probably because it is an Anti-Aircraft gun or AA gun for short. Production of this gun started in 1934 and was considered operational in 1935. However, before WWII started, Germany sold the weapon to China and of all places, the Netherlands (Germany still used the weapon). To operate the gun, five men were needed, but sometimes less were used to save manpower especially when the the Flaks weren’t planned on being moved. The set-up process included resting the Flak 30 on a triangular firing platform with a seat at the rear for the gunner. From there it was pretty much aim and fire for the gunner. The gun proved pretty good for its job, but it did have flaws. The gun was known for jamming and the gun was quickly getting a reputation as too slow as enemy aircraft started getting more advanced and thus faster. All and all, this gun was pretty good considering Germany used it until the end of WWII.

Stats for gun-nuts

Length: 13.39 ft
Width: 5.94 ft
Height: 5.25 ft
Weight: 992 lbs

Range: 1 mile